Salon Suites


Palette Collective is more than a space in a salon studio.  It is a community of thriving professionals that are proud of their craft and utilize the studios as their retail spaces.  Clear Sky’s innovative salon studios model enables stylists and other like-minded entrepreneurs to grow their business while controlling costs.  Palette Collective has locations throughout the state of Arizona.


Palette Collective offers a high-end setting that delivers a best-in-class experience.  Tenants enjoy a collaborative space to meet other professionals, independently control the design of their space, and the ability to network with other ambitious business owners.  Clear Sky actively seeks acquisitions and locations to continue the growth of its portfolio and the development of its Palette Collective brand.

Value Add

Palette Collective’s salon studio construction is industry leading and delivers superior tenant and customer experience.  Clear Sky has implemented salon specific technology applications to support its tenant stylists in achieving their business growth objectives.  A modern coffee bar concept as well as beer and wine offerings were introduced at selected locations, providing a competitive advantage in driving tenants and customers to our locations. 

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