We Invest in Strategic Real Estate and Private Equity Projects


Clear Sky Capital conducts thorough research and analysis to identify optimal markets and regions for investment opportunities. Once a market is selected, Clear Sky Capital develops relationships with local commercial real estate brokers, property managers, lenders and other owners. Management identifies the most favorable areas, then researches properties that fit Clear Sky Capital’s investment criteria.

Real Estate

We are an end-to-end commercial real estate firm providing acquisitions, asset management and dispositions to well-selected real estate. Our focus is on better transactions through improved process management from purchase to sale.

Our vertically integrated investment management team brings expertise in all aspects of real estate investing and asset management to each of our projects. We focus on current cash yield and increasing value through cash flow growth while remaining sensitive to capital preservation.

The identification, acquisition and development of real estate assets is a core competency at Clear Sky Capital. Our unique combination of analytics, operations experience and sale discipline have created a strong track record of success in the spaces which we operate.


Clear Sky Capital employs deep-value selection criteria combined with a strong sale discipline for our multifamily investment properties. The management team conducts thorough research and analysis to identify optimal markets and regions for investment opportunities.

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Self Storage

We are primarily focused on owning, renovating and operating high-quality revenue producing storage facilities. In this vertical, we identify untapped earning potential in the land, create new revenue streams and add value with consistent management and analytical expertise.

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Private Equity

The cornerstone of our investment strategy is our ability to apply our deep experience and extensive network to bring value to fragmented sectors experiencing growth, but lacking capital efficiencies and sophisticated operational focus.

We primarily focus on companies that provide consumer services with barriers to internet disruption. Our companies utilize platforms powered by rapidly improving online technologies that improve efficiencies and drive customer experiences.


Opportunities exist within this fragmented industry to acquire car wash locations at attractive prices. We acquire existing properties in markets with strong fundamentals, streamline the operations with consistent management systems and analysis, while increasing recurring revenue.

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Salon Studios

The fragmented market of multi-tenant salon studio rentals presents an attractive opportunity to acquire and develop locations under a single operating playbook, multiple revenue streams and an attractive brand where various types of small businesses can co-locate and thrive.

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